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Cross Country Supply, Home of the EIFS Depot

Cross Country Supply

Home of the EIFS Depot

Cross Country Supply, Home of the EIFS Depot has 9 years of experience in distributing high-quality EIFS products nationwide. Our experience varies from supplying EIFS products.  We manufacture and distribute quality  Fiberglass Mesh, architectural shapes, basecoat adhesive, stuccos, mechanical fasteners, stone,  as well as other stucco and construction related materials.

We ship quickly nationwide! Cross Country Supply is committed to customer satisfaction.


What is EIFS?

EIFS stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems. The product is also called synthetic stucco, and refers to a multi-layered exterior finish that’s been used in European construction since shortly after World War II, when contractors found it to be a good repair choice for buildings damaged during the War. The majority of repairs to European buildings were to structures constructed of stone, concrete, brick, or other similar, durable materials.

EIFS in North America

North American builders began using EIFS in the 1980′s, first in commercial buildings, then applying it as an exterior finish to residences — mostly wood frame homes — using the same techniques that had been successful in Europe.

There are three layers to EIFS

  • Inner Layer Foam (EPS Board) insulation board that’s secured to the exterior wall surface, often with adhesive.
  • Middle Layer A polymer and cement base coat that’s applied to the top of the insulation, then reinforced with glass fiber mesh.
  • Exterior Layer A textured finish coat.

Cross Country Supply, Home of the EIFS Depot is proud to offer superior EIFS Supplies to our customer at great prices. Call us today 866.375.9510 for all you Stucco and Building needs!