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EPS Foam- EIFS Foam

EPS Foam board

Also called foam board, expanded polystyrene, insulation foam, aged foam board or the foam. The insulation board is attached to substrate in the EIFS application either with adhesive or Mechanical Fastener (glued or screwed) depending on the type of substrate and the water barrier that is used in the system.  MAKE Sure you read my blog about the two ways to attached eifs.

Our styrofoam eps aged board is compatible with multiple manufacturers of syntheticfinish.

In addition to aesthetic appeal, eps aged board provides numerous structural benefits by creating weather tight air seals, easily filling voids, and creating barriers to improve energy efficiency.

Mechanically Fastened System

When the substrate is plywood, osb, or dens glass and Tyvek Stucco Wrap is used, then the system would likely be attached with mechanical fasteners. Mechanical fasteners are screws with a 2″ plastic stop or plastic washer which will countersink into the eps board without passing through the foam. Your fastener length should be slightly larger than your foam. If you are using 1″ foam, then you should use 1 5/8″ fasteners. If you are using 2″foam, then a 2 ½” fastener should be used.

Adhered (Stuck) System

When the substrate is concrete or masonry then the eps board will be attached with Basecoat Adhesive. The Basecoat adhesive should be applied with a notched trowel, thereby creating a vertical drain plane.

Also, if a roll on water vapor moisture barrier, such a Tiqueguard, is used then the eps board should be attached with Basecoat Adhesive, even if the substrate is made of wood so that the barrier is not punctured with Fasteners.

Custom Shapes

Custom Shapes are used for trim, window sills, cornices, bands, headboards, starter corners, keystones, wall caps, brackets, moldings, columns, and other design elements. The shapes are cut from large foam billets with a hot wire machine from a detailed drawing that includes dimensions. Custom shapes are simple to order and affordable.

Shapes can be intricate or just a simple band.  ASK About our line of adhesives for adhering foam to foam.

Please call 866.375.9510 for more details on custom shapes.

EPS aged foam board is used mostly in the eifs application as insulation which can be mechanically attached with Mechanical Fasteners or adhered with Basecoat AdhesiveEPS Foam can also be cut into custom shapes for designs or for props for movie sets.


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