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Spray Adhesives, Caulk, Spray Foam,

Spray Guns and cleaners

Polyurethane Foam Sealants and Adhesives

Our Polyurethane foam sealants are available in a one time use can, a spray gun refill can, and large froth paks. The Polyurethane Foam Adhesive & Sealants can be used for either attaching architectural foam and foam trim pieces or used between foam boards like mortar to achieve a continuous insulation barrier.

Continuous insulation barriers are more effective in keeping air and moisture for penetrating your system. Air entering your system leads to a deduction in energy efficiency and could create condensation within your substrate from the moisture in the entrapped air.

In addition to a continuous insulation barrier, for the prevention of water vapor and air from entering your system, the use of a secondary water vapor moisture barrier such as Tyvek Stucco Wrap for mechanically attached systems or the use of our roll-on TIQUE AquaGuard to attached (stuck) systems is recommended.

Read more about Moisture Prevention HERE on our blog.

Gun cleaner

Our Gun Cleaner is for cleaning uncured polyurethane foam from applicator guns. Just attach the can to your foam applicator gun after using spray foam adhesive for easy clean up.

Multipurpose cleaner

Our Multipurpose Cleaner is an aerosol can that will dissolve uncured foam and adhesives, clean dispension units, is a great general purpose cleaner. The aerosol spray makes for easy clean up.

Spray Guns

Our Spray Gun has adjustable bead control with immediate shut off, durable construction, and is solvent resistant. This product is easy to use. Just screw in cans of foam, sealant, adhesive, or cleaner and you’re ready to go.


Our multipurpose adhesive will bond many foils, plastics, papers, metals, and cardboards. *Please note: NOT for use on Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS Board)

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Items subject to change without notice.