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Basecoat Adhesives

Basecoat Adhesives
Polymer Modified Cement Adhesive and Base Coat

Basecoat Adhesive is used in the EIFS application to adhere EPS Foam Board to a substrate in an adhesively attached system. It is also used in the application between Expanded Polystyrene Board (EPS Insulation Foam) and Finish Coat. Basecoat Adhesive is reinforced by embedding Fiberglass Mesh to add strength.

EIFS DEPOT is proud to supply and distribute TIQUE Basecoat Adhesive, a high-performance, polymer-modified cement adhesive and basecoat. It is made with high-grade aggregates, cement, and polymers.

Tique Products are manufactured with highest quality raw materials and are quality control tested to assure our customers get the best product available.

TIQUE Wet Basecoat Adhesive should be thoroughly mixed with Type I/ II Portland Cement (without additives) in a weight ratio of 1:1 using a slow speed mixer. The mixed product should be set aside for 5 minutes and then remixed with water added in order to achieve the appropriate consistency.

Basecoat Adhesive will adhere the BEST to the following:

Paper laced gypsum sheathing, DensGlass, OSB, Plywood, Fiber rivet laced gypsum sheathing, Cement backerboard, Masonry, Durarock, Concrete Insulated Concrete Forms, Expanded Polystyrene Insulation Board (EPS Foam Board)

Basecoat Adhesive is also called Base Coat, Cement Adhesive, Stucco Base Coat, Synthetic Stucco, Polymer Modified Cement, Light Weight Cement, Stucco Glue, and Stucco Cement.

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