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Colors & Textures

Colors & Textures


TIQUE Finish Coat comes in five textures: Freestyle, Fine, Medium, Swirl and Coarse.

Colors & Textures
TIQUE colors and textures are made from the finest raw materials in the industry. All tique finishes are 100% acrylic based which is both decorative and weather resistant.

TIQUE is the superior choice for style, durability, low maintenance, and lasting color. We offer 64 Premium colors covering a broad range on the color spectrum. Our lab can also formulate custom colors to meet your creative needs.

TIQUE colors are available in any of our five finish textures. Our colors come in tint cups that are added to your 5 gallon bucket of finish. Simply add one tint cup per 5 gallon bucket of tique acrylic finish and mix with a drill mixer until the color is thoroughly and uniformly mixed into the finish.

Please call us at 1 (866) 375-9510 for a complete list of options of colors and textures.

Color Chart

The intent of these color chips are to provide a basic representation of Tique finish colors. This color chart is offered only as a sales aid to show a range of color variations. These color chips shall not be used as a final color selection as color differences may occur between the sample material used and the finished product. Actual color selection should be made from a larger sample of each finish texture and color to be used on the project. Samples should be prepared by a trained certified applicator/contractor using the same tools and techniques propsed for the actual installation.


Colors & Textures