Metal Lath and Trims

Metal Lath is used extensively today with plaster and stucco in home as well as commercial construction. In these applications, the lath adds strength and rigidity in addition to providing a matrix to which the stucco can adhere.

Lath is an integral part of the traditional hard coat stucco application, also known as a three coat system. Consumers like traditional hard coat stucco due to its attractiveness, longevity, resistance to mold, durability, insect resistance, and the variety of color and texture options.

Metal Lath is primarily used in the traditional hard coat stucco application. The lath is embedded into the scratch and brown coat. An acrylic textured stucco finish applied on top of the fiber sanded stucco.

Lath is also used in Plaster ceilings. Especially ceilings with a textured surface. Lath is can used in sculpture to provide a reinforced form.

Casing bead, corner bead, and expansion joints are needed in the traditional hard coat system to prevent cracking. Available in 1/2″, 3/4″, and 5/8″.

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