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Hopper Guns and Sprayers

Hopper Guns and Sprayers
For the quickest and easiest installation, try our Hopper Guns.

Used for spraying paint, basecoats, finishes, liquid vapor barriers (like Tique AquaGuard) and plasters. Hoppers, guns, and parts are available for sale as a set or as individual parts. Call ahead for pricing and availability.

Remember, when spraying on products, rather than rolling, troweling, or brushing, will affect application coverage for products.

SharpShooter® I Hopper Guns

•Tight sealing, 2 gallons plastic hopper and specially formulated nylon gun
•7 orifice sizes with tubular design
•Knurled knob allows for easy adjustment of orifice plate
•Angled hopper adapter allows hopper to remain level while spraying floors and ceilings
•Gun features a handy air control valve- easy pull swing trigger for greater control and less fatigue
•Seamless corner design eliminates material build-up in hopper
•45º angled hopper adapter included

Hopper & Hopper Gun available.
Call for pricing: 1 (866) 375-9510‬

Spraying Mantis® I Hopper Guns

•Hopper capacity approximately 2 gallons
•Solid brass precision parts, 1 piece die-cast aluminum gun body
•(3) nozzle sizes included (4mm, 6mm, 8mm)
•Bi-pod stand for easy loading
•All-plastic durable hopper holds 2 gallons of material
•Sprays up to 1/2 gallon of material/minute
•Rubber neck for hopper flexibility

Hopper Gun, Orfice Set and repair kit are available. Call for pricing: 1 (866) 375-9510‬

QuickShooter® Hopper Guns

•Durable plastic hopper with handle
•Three (3) air nozzle sizes
•Rugged die-cast aluminum gun body
•Adjustable material control
•Easy squeeze trigger with lock
•Air flow regulator with quick connector

Hopper Gun, Hopper or Gun only are available. Call for pricing: 1 (866) 375-9510‬