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EPS Aged Foam Board

EPS Aged Foam Board

Insulation Foam for EIFS

EIFS DEPOT is an experienced source for expanded polystyrene (EPS), commonly referred to as foam or aged board, used for Continuous Insulation, known as CI or Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, known as EIFS.

For EIFS applications, EPS is aged to allow for greater dimensional stability and minimal moisture content. EPS aged board is used to create custom architectural shapes that enhance exterior appeal, such as columns, keystones, quoins, arches, and a wide variety of fascia trim and moldings.

Our styrofoam EPS aged board is compatible with multiple manufacturers of synthetic finish, including Acrocrete, Parex, Sto, Dryvit, Senergy, Firestone, and others. In addition to aesthetic appeal, EPS aged board provides numerous structural benefits by creating weather tight air seals, easily filling voids, and creating barriers to improve energy efficiency.

Additionally, EPS offers:
•Long- term dimensional stability
•Energy efficient insulation
•Durable, low maintenance option

EPS aged boards for EIFS are the standard 24″ x 48″ with thickness options varying between ½” and 4″. Boards are fabricated from virgin EPS beads that contain no regrind or recycled content. For more information on our EPS products and capabilities in EIFS applications, contact an EIFS DEPOT representative today.

EIFS DEPOT can create customs shapes out of blocks of EPS.
Contact us at 1 ‭(866) 375-9510 so we can review your order.

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