Moisture Prevention in EIFS

There are a few ways to safeguard against moisture becoming trapped behind your EIFS. A roll on secondary moisture vapor barrier, such as TIQUE AQUAGUARD will protect your substrate from damage by moisture. After applying the secondary moisture vapor barrier, a drain plane made by using a notched trowel and applying basecoat adhesive should be created, using it to adhere your EPS insulation foam. The use of a weeped starter track at the lower termination point is crucial to the completion of this system.

The use of Tyvek Stucco wrap between your wooden sheathing and EPS insulation foam will wick away any moisture, therefore protecting the wood from damage. Stucco wrap is attached to the substrate with mechanical fasteners. It is important to note that stucco wrap differs from house wrap in that house wrap is used for siding and improves air and moisture flow providing insulation, whereas stucco wrap is fluted and works as a drainage plane, forcing moisture out of the EIFS system.

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