EIFS in North America

EIFS in North America

North American builders began using Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems in the 1980’s. First in commercial buildings, then applying it as an exterior finish to residences. This was mostly used on wood framed homes using the same techniques that had been successful in Europe. EIFS is cost effective compared to Traditional Hard Coat Stucco. The other added benefit about EIFS is having a layer of expanded polystyrene Foam that serves as exterior insulation.

There are many areas in North America where EIFS is popular. The most popular areas are in the Northern United States, the Midwest, Texas, and Canada.

There are three layers to EIFS:

Inner Layer Foam
(EPS Board) Insulation Board that’s secured to the exterior wall surface, often with Basecoat Adhesive or Mechanical Fasteners.

Middle Layer. A Polymer and Cement Basecoat Adhesive that’s applied to the top of the insulation, then reinforced with Fiberglass Mesh.

Exterior Layer. A textured Finish coat.

There are two systems in EIFS:

The two main systems in EIFS: the Adhesively Attached and Mechanically Fastened System.