Red Stucco Tape… not just for Stucco

Contractors Red Stucco Tape


Red stucco tapes are designed to stick securely and tear easily for fast and efficient prep for buildings before the stucco application starts. The reason red stucco tape is red is to easily distinguish it from masking, painters, electrical, and duct tapes. Stucco tapes can be used on wood, masonry, metals, vinyl, stucco, and painted surfaces. Stucco tapes are often used around door and window frames to protect from damage during construction. It can also be used as masking to protect from dust, debris, and overspray.

UV resistant

Stucco tapes can be used on interior or exterior applications. A good quality stucco tape is uv resistant. Uv resistance provides protection for the surfaces beneath the tape the harsh effects from sunlight in outdoor applications. It is also resistant to a large temperature range. This tape will hold up in both warm and cold temperatures.


Tapes also have a weather resistant backing which sheds water. This is because stucco tapes are made from polyethylene, a blend of natural and synthetic rubbers. The stucco tapes are so resistant to water, it can even be used in marine applications. Not only does red stucco tape hold up against water, tapes can resist most paints, polymers, acids, chemicals, solvents, and alkalis.

Alkali resistant

Most cements and plasters are very alkaline in nature. Red stucco tape is used in many plastering, concrete, and stucco applications because it can stand up to the alkalis in cementitious materials. Red stucco tapes are frequently used on the seams of eps foam boards in the eifs application, creating a continuous insulation system that is highly effective due to the alkali resistance of the tape. Since most paints and stuccos are acrylic based, it is imperative that stucco tapes be alkali resistant.

Tearing and removal

Stucco tape was designed to stick securely but remove cleanly. Stucco tapes are so strong they can be used to hang poly plastic sheeting or window film but gentle enough remove easily in one piece. These tapes are designed to adhere to irregular surfaces and hold tight around curves and corners. The tape is easy to apply and will stick firmly and securely. Upon removal, red stucco tape will lift of most surface easily and cleanly in one piece, without tearing. Once removed there is no damage to the surface or undesirable adhesive left behind.


Red stucco tape is a durable UV resistant tape that can be applied to many irregular surfaces. Stucco tape is resistant to moisture, most acids, paints, alkalis, chemicals, polymers, solvents, sunlight, and extreme temperatures. Stucco tape can be applied to most wood, masonry, metals, vinyl, stucco, and painted surfaces. Stucco tape is easy to pull from the roll and tears easily. Stucco tape will stick firmly in all types of weather. When removed, stucco tape will pull up easily in one piece without tearing and will not leave a sticky residue. Perfect for holding up plastic sheeting, on seams, protection around window and door frames, and as masking in for over spray. Red stucco tape will leave you with clean paint lines and no mess.